Just Shiksha provides courses and certifications to prospective learners. All services rendered by Just Shiksha are subject to the following the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this page. The terms and conditions below as well as the rules and policies mentioned on this website comprise the agreement between the User and Just Shiksha and supersedes all prior agreements.

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  1. User Eligibility

This website can be used and accessed by only those who can form legally binding contracts. The registration of users is a mandatory requirement in order to avail the services of the website. This website is not available for you if your membership has been terminated or suspended by Just Shiksha.


  1. User Responsibilities


You will comply with the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of Just Shiksha. You will use the services provided by the website for lawful purposes only.

Just Shiksha reserves the right to validate any or all information provided by you at any point in time. If Just Shiksha finds that you have falsified any information then it has the right to terminate your membership and bar you from using the website.

You are responsible for going through the course details before placing an order. By placing an order you are bound by the conditions laid down in the course or the certification.

You are accessing and using the website at your own risk. You must employ your judgement before entering into any transaction through the website.

You must ensure that your user id and password remain confidential.

You are solely responsible for the usage on the account. Any activity arising from your account will be assumed to be yours.

You must provide complete and accurate information at the time of registration.

Course Providers

You are responsible for regular maintenance and creation of content including the academic content, assessments, billing information, contact details, e-mail and SMS content and profile information.

You must ensure the privacy of all credentials provided by the learners as specified under the privacy policy.

  1. Payment Terms

You agree to provide us with a valid method of payment which will be used by Just Shiksha to charge you automatically for fees and any applicable taxes. If the fee structure changes or new fees is added then we will charge you the additional fee amount after giving you advance notice for the same.

Just Shiksha is not responsible for any charges arising out of your bank with respect to the conditions of your bank or your arrangement with your bank.

If your payment is declined then Just Shiksha reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account.


  1. Updating Information

Users and course providers must ensure that the information provided on their account is accurate and updated. If any of your details change, you must update it on your account as well. If Just Shiksha finds any of the information provided by you to be untrue or inaccurate then we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account.


  1. Anti-Spam Policy

Just Shiksha respects the need of the users to stay free from spam. This is why we follow a strict anti-spam policy. If you are found to engage in spamming activities then we will terminate your account. We advise all users to adhere to good internet usage policies.


  1. Content

You must agree not to use the website to transmit offensive or obscene content to other users. In addition to this, you must not transmit any files that may contain virus or corrupted files.


  1. Intellectual Property

Just Shiksha owns the content of the website. Any materials licensed from third parties are credited to them. All the content is protected by copyrights, trademark, patents and service marks. You cannot copy, reproduce or distribute any or all of the content of this website. You agree not to misuse the names, marks and other proprietary materials on this website.

You agree that by completing the registration on this website, you agree and will comply to the terms and conditions of this website. These terms of use are an agreement between you and Just Shiksha and it supersedes all other understandings and representations.