Study as you work

You may be a college student who needs money for their education or you can be one of those working professionals who want to combine their work with studies so that they can grow professionally. When you combine your studies with work, you must remember that it will be challenging and you may end up in a position where you upset your studies or your work. Taking a decision to study as you work requires a lot of contemplation. Here are a few challenges and benefits of studying as you work:


Work Experience – one of the best advantages of working as you study is that you gain work experience. This means that once you have completed your studies, you will be ahead of those students who chose to study and not work. This means that your work experience will help you advance in your career more easily.

Acquiring new set of skills – Choosing to acquire new skills by taking up a new course is very effective when you are looking for growth. Very often the reason why you may have to wait longer for your next promotion is the lack of necessary skills in the next level.


Stressful – Combining your studies with your job will leave you less time for friends and family. In fact it may leave you with less time for yourself. This is very demanding, and learners must consider this before choosing to combine work with study.

Less time for activities and study groups – Some of the best parts of studying is the study groups and additional activities and projects that you may have to complete as a student. You may find your job to be an interference when it comes to taking time out for additional college activities. Unplanned business meetings and working overtime may also intrude with your studying.

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