Just Shiksha is a one stop shop for learners who can apply for a variety of courses through our website. There is something special about knowing that you are working for a company that helps millions of people achieve their educational goals.

At Just Shiksha, we are a tightly knit group who diligently work towards bringing the best for our customers. Every day begins with new challenges, and we work together to meet these challenges every day.

Just Shiksha is always looking for energetic and innovative brains to join us in our endeavour to make online education available for millions of learners. Work with Just Shiksha and you can be a part of a team that garners success on every step.

For the Just Shiksha team, our values are at the core of everything we do. We want that the time you spend at work should have a positive impact on the company as well as the society. We are working to build something that is meaningful and lasting. Our approach towards the work we do is with a positive attitude and a close insight into the outcome.

If you feel the same way about work and you would want to be a part of an enthusiastic work place, then Just SHiksha would love to hear from you.