Time Management

Time is the essence of life. Managing time sounds easy but the devil is in making it happen. While technology brings time management gadgets which can help you manage time, I feel that there is no gadget better than your brains when it comes to time management. Whether you are a student, teacher, a working professional or a housewife, we are all bound by time to complete certain tasks. When we do not achieve it we have upset the balance of the day’s chores and we end up in a chaos.

Managing time efficiently to achieve our goals is very important. As students we have to make sure that we give the right amount of time to our studies. Following a schedule or a planner is the best way to achieve this. Create a practical schedule that gives you time for entertainment and pleasure as well. This is important because a schedule that does not allow for such important things will be rendered impractical and very soon you will stop following it. This will make the entire practice ineffective.

Give the first 30 minutes of your day to planning. This will help you create a schedule that you can follow for that day and it will allow you to incorporate anything that you have to do for that day. Once you have created your schedule, ensure that you have given time for entertainment which will involve use of Facebook or similar social media.

These are distractions that should be blocked out once you sit down to study. If you do not do so, you may find your addiction to the website may lead you to taking time out from your studies to spend time on such websites.

Managing time becomes easy once you start following the schedule regularly.

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