Pranab Mukherjee’s Take On Education

President Pranab Mukherjee spoke enthusiastically about education at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School at Bengaluru. The school was celebrating the completion of 150 years. He is insightful speech, he said, “The aim of education should be building character.”

Now that is something that none of us can debate. Education is not only a way of gaining knowledge, it does a lot more than that. An educated person is not only knowledgeable, he also has values and morals that are far more important than knowledge.

Those who live by these values become good citizens and give back to the society more than what they have received through education. Schools and colleges lay emphasis on building the character and personality of their students so that students can do well academically and exemplify good behaviour.

In his speech, the president said that education plays a great role in instilling capacity and building faith. In addition to this, education allows for peaceful co-existence, rationality of mind and developing scientific temper.

At a time when the world has advanced into the ‘internet of things’ and ‘free basics’, educational institutions are still the most significant part of the society. Parents and guardians rely on these institutions to give their children the right upbringing. Educational institutions have been doing so since ancient times.

We can hardly imagine a world without education. Take away education and you may find yourself amidst chaos and anarchy. Students have become aware of the importance of their educational institutions and parents seek for the best institutions so that their children can get the most out of their institution.

The president has put to words one of the most obvious truths of the world. His speech was received with a huge applause. His viewpoint of education shows how important it is for the world and a developing country like India.


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